Martyna Wisniewska-Michalak (Marti W. M.) was born in Warsaw and is currently based in London. She is a painter, illustrator and doll maker. Martyna graduated from Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts (2007), and has cooperated with various magazines as illustrator and writer in Poland (A4, Ro-style, Kawaii,) China (Neew Mag) and USA (The Bacon.) She was also involved in tattoo art (Tattoo LA in USA and Shi Ryu Doh in Japan) and was a doll clothes designer for Doll Heart company in Korea and illustrator for a Polish brand, Lady Sloth. She designed and produced a line of collectible dolls, Marti Presents Dolls. Martyna describes her art as auto-portraits of her mental health, which affects the way she sees the world around her. She is currently working on F*cking Tired Mummy, which is her first book, and she hopes it could help other parents who are trying to make sense of the ‘new normal,’ while also bring them insurmountable joy to know that they are not alone.