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Shovon Chowdhury


Shovon Chowdhury is a Delhi-based amateur humourist. His blog, India Update has been widely condemned. He is also the creator of The Trilokpuri Incident, a research project on Facebook which is investigating something no one can remember. 

In his spare time, he does advertising work for clients who cannot find anyone cheaper. His work as co-author of the Very Rich Whitebook for the National Council of Applied Economic Research has left him deeply prejudiced against the very rich. His grandfather ran away from Dhaka to escape Japanese bombing in 1945, not realizing that the war was about to end, and arrived in Calcutta just in time for the Great Calcutta Killings of 1946. These shared family experiences have left him deeply averse to sudden movement, which is why he has lived in Delhi for the last twenty years. Peony represents Shovon for his first novel, The Competent Authority. Part present-day satire, part dystopian farce, it is a compelling and scabrously funny new voice in Indian fiction.






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