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Harvill Secker To Publish Chinese Author Yan Geling

Rebecca Carter has acquired for Harvill Secker from Marysia Juszczakiewicz at Peony Literary Agency two books by the acclaimed Chinese author, Yan Geling. The first, Nanjing Heroes (to be published in February 2012) is a powerful novella based on real events that happened during the Nanjing Massacre in 1937. It is currently being made into a film by Chinese director Zhang Yimou (To Live, Raise the Red Lantern, House of Flying Daggers) which stars Oscar-winner Christian Bale as the American priest whose attempt to shelter a group of Chinese schoolgirls from the Japanese invaders is jeopardised when prostitutes from the nearby brothel break into the church compound desperate for a place to hide. Translation rights are represented by Peony and have sold so far to Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Vietnam, with a lot of interest amongst other European publishers. The manuscript is currently out on general submission in America. The second novel, Little Aunt Crane, begins with the withdrawal of Japan from China at the end of the Second World War, and is about a young Japanese girl who gets left behind and sold to a Chinese family. Click here to read more »

Publishers Marketplace Announces Duncan Jepson’s New Book Deal

Filmmaker Duncan Jepson’s ALL THE FLOWERS IN SHANGHAI, about a young Chinese woman caught between tradition and personal desires in 1930s Shanghai, pitched as reminiscent of THE PIANO TEACHER and MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA, to Wendy Lee at Harper, by Marysia Juszczakiewicz at Peony Literary Agency (world).


The Fat Years: Acquired by Knopf US and Editions Grasset in France

A Chinese novel described in the South China Morning Post as “1984 with a sense of humor” has recently been purchased by Nan Talese at Knopf US, Editions Grasset in France, and by Norway’s Gyldendal Norsk Forlag, reports Marysia Juszczakiewicz, founder of the Peony Literary Agency.

The Fat Years (盛世中国 2013 ) by Chan Koon Chung (陈冠中) follows a writer, obsessed with detective stories, on a quest to uncover the events of a month mysteriously absent from official Chinese records. The novel is much talked about for its “veiled criticism of the growing number of Chinese who have bought into the system or have been bought by it,” writes Paul Mooney in the Hong Kong daily.

It was announced in February that Doubleday would publish the novel in English in 2011, and since then the rights have also been purchased for German (Eichborn), Spanish (Destini), Italian (Longanesi), Dutch (Signatur), Catallan (Ediciones la Campana), and Hebrew (Modan).

Middle East Debut for Su Tong’s “Boat to Redemption” on the Cards

Pegasus Publishing has purchased the Turkish-language rights to Su Tong’s Boat to Redemption (河岸), the winner of the 2009 Man Asian Literary Prize.

This will be his first major work to be rendered in Turkish, according to Marysia Juszczakiewicz in Hong Kong, founder of Peony Literary Agency that made the sale. The agency also represents works by best-selling Chinese authors Yan Geling, Han Han and Annie Baobei.

Set during the Cultural Revolution (1966-76), it recounts a story of two different kinds of people, “exiles” forced to live on boats because of their politically questionable identities, and those living on shore who look down on their water-bound counterparts.

Several book reviews are online, including one published in The Independent and a somewhat critical review by Yiyun Li, a Chinese writer who has emigrated to the US.

Jane Lawson Acquires The Fat Years By John Chan For Doubleday

Jane Lawson, Editorial Director of Doubleday, has acquired world rights in a ‘Chinese 1984′ from Marysia Juscziewicz at the Peony Literary Agency. The Fat Years, by John Chan, follows a writer, obsessed with detective stories, on a quest to uncover the events of a month mysteriously absent from official Chinese records. Currently causing a sensation in Hong Kong, this futuristic novel is banned in mainland China due to the uncomfortable reminder it provides of recent incidences of information control by the government.

Doubleday will publish in Summer 2011.