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A Perfect Crime by A Yi, Wall Street Journal

Before turning his hand to writing, A Yi spent five years on a provincial Chinese police force. If Mr. A’s tightly crafted novella “A Perfect Crime” is anything to go by, those years were well spent.
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A Perfect Crime by A Yi Publishers Weekly

When I first encountered A Yi at a local literary festival many years ago, he was presented to me as a writer of criminal novels. The polite but shy A Yi looked furtively at the people around him as if they were from another species.



他的小说曾被@罗永浩可爱多 向出版社力荐,也曾被@沈浩波 称作“纯粹的文学集”。北岛称他是“近年来最优秀的汉语小说家之一”,李敬泽也公开表示过对他的赞赏。他当过警察、公务员,也做过体育编辑、文学杂志主编。他是“一个讲述犯罪故事的作家”,他是阿乙。下面,他该干些什么?

After the Olympics Left

As London adjusts after the close of the 2012 Olympics writers including A Yi, Santiago Roncagilolo and Masha Gessen, reflect on how their cities have changed – for better and for worse – since hosting the Games.

A Yi

Beijing, 2008

I rented a house in an old block of flats, and you could see Dawang Road from the window. Any minute of any hour, any time whether it was night or day, there were cars racing to and fro on the road. The cars appeared in my dreams like two columns of bullets shooting at each other. I slept very badly. One day, I opened my door to a bunch of guys who wanted to come in. A short while later they had taken down all the old windows in the house and replaced them with brand-new ones made from an aluminum alloy. I didn’t have to pay for the work and neither did my landlord; even today I’m not aware of who did. By the time the Beijing Olympics came, if the people in those cars on Dawang Road happened to look up, they wouldn’t have seen any old buildings. Ever since we hosted the Olympics, the sky has often turned very blue and even today it’s still very blue, whereas before the Olympics, leaving the house was sometimes akin to taking a swim in a melancholy ocean of grey.

Translated by Alice Xin Liu.

Note: Dawang Road is a centrally located and commercial area in Beijing.




“我不想改变现实,不考虑小说对别人是有好处还是坏处,我把它当成一个艺术品来完成,而不是道德说教或者某某主义的证据。”他和他笔下的人物总是用同样的腔调说话:“我在这个社会里生活,又觉得和它没有特别紧密的关系。” Click here to read more »



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