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Can short fiction take us to China?

As literary London turns east, we bring together short stories from some of the most exciting writers working in China today

It all started with a question from the translator Nicky Harman: “What are you going to do about the market focus on China at the London Book Fair?” Well, I don’t know, I just stared at my cup – we were in the Guardian canteen, of course. In my defence, I’d like to point out that this was months ago, way before Christmas, and by the time I’d finished my coffee we’d cooked up a plan to publish some of the most exciting new short fiction from China.

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编辑: 张美英


阿乙的首部长篇小说《下面,我该干些什么》于今年2月出版,是根据真实的“无理由杀人案”进行的一场演练。作家阿乙在这本书前言中说,他的这篇小说取材于一则简短报道:一个年轻人杀死同学,没人能找到他的动机。于是,阿乙就给他“找到了”一个动机,并写成了这部小说。 Click here to read more »


一个作者,还是一个正义的作者”,这是阿乙新书《下面,我该干些什么》自序的标题,与文化圈争论的“知识分子是否一定要是时代的道德精英”一样,奉上符合普世价值观的圆满,或是奉上真实世界,始终是一个艰难的选择。阿乙选择了后者。文 李谦


一年以后小说写完了,阿乙回到了那个惯于忧虑的状态。由于长时间对生死的思考,让他的论调变得不那么平易近人,却又真实得让人自感羞愧——如何去呈现真实、而不是盲目地相信所谓真善美,才恰恰是这个时代最需要的。 Click here to read more »

The Royal We

By Eric Abrahamsen

Seems like all the literary events I’ve been to recently have been about A Yi‘s new book, Guaren (寡 人, literally “the lonely one”, a term the Emperor used to refer to himself). The book is hard to categorize: taken largely from a blog he once kept on the cutting-edge “Bullogger” blogging platform, it consists of short chunks – anywhere from a sentence to ten pages – of writing, some chunks obviously fictional, some more journal-like. Among them are early forms of some of his stories – “The Bird Saw Me” and Cat and Mouse (which is appearing in Today magazine next month, under a new title, I forget which) – as well as, one assumes, some ideas that never made it into fiction at all. One of these, titled “Warmth”, I’ve translated below. Enjoy! Click here to read more »