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Transworld Acquires A New Novel From Chan Koonchung

Doubleday Editorial Director Jane Lawson has acquired THE UNBEARABLE DREAMWORLD OF CHAMPA THE DRIVER, a second novel by the internationally acclaimed Chinese writer, Chan Koonchung. World rights were acquired from the Peony Agency based in Hong Kong. Chung’s debut novel, THE FAT YEARS, was published in 15 territories.


Says Lawson, ‘Chung’s new work is a Chinese road novel, strongly influenced by Western writers like J G Ballard and Chuck Palahniuk. Its twisting plot, strong voice, vivid characterisation, humour and atmosphere will bring Chan Koonchung many new readers around the world.’ THE UNBEARABLE DREAMWORLD follows the adventures of a young Tibetan driver in Lhasa who provides chauffeuring services for his Chinese employer, while also sleeping with her. Until he runs away to Beijing, taking her favourite Toyota and iphone, leaving her irate and vengeful.


THE UNBEARABLE DREAMWORLD OF CHAMPA THE DRIVER will be published in May 14 2014, and will be translated by Nicky Harman.


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从2012年2月到10月,陈冠中用了8个月的时间完成了《裸命》。这部小说以藏族青年强巴为视角,这是一个命运颠沛流离的富有象征意味的人物,他的身份从情人、动物保护团体志愿者、维稳宾馆的保安,直至为人顶案的落跑者,他所处的环境也随之在西藏和北京之间变幻,这使强巴目睹了中国之怪现状,他本人也演绎了藏族人在中国“汉族强势政策”中的生存困境。 Click here to read more »

Author Chan Koonchung on the ‘fat man’ that is China

Oliver Chou


Chan Koonchung, author of The Fat Years, gives his unique insight into the city’s evolving relationship with an increasingly affluent mainland


“China today is like a big fat man,” says Chan Koonchung, author of 2009′s celebrated futuristic novel The Fat Years. “It has got so big that when it turns around, it inadvertently crushes a few bones of those nearby.”

To stay well, the former Hong Kong publisher advises that one should do some dodging to accommodate the clumsy giant who has yet to learn how to co-ordinate his arms and legs.

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THE FAT YEARS is about what happens after the centralization of power in a post modern world

Chan Koon-chung says, “The Fat Years is about what happens after the centralization of power in a post modern world; it is a society ruled by those in office, where the people feel “90% free” but their human rights are essentially unprotected; it is a “capitalist China with socialist characteristics, ruled by one party. Click here to read more »

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Chan Koonchung: Il demone della prosperita’

CKC Spanish

Koonchung: Il demone della prosperita’

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