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A Popular Chinese Blogger Finds a Place to Speak Openly


HONG KONG — Han Han, considered China’s most popular blogger, faced about 200 members of the news media and 1,800 fans at the recent book fair here.

The first question from the press, about the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown in Beijing, was one that could not have been asked at a similar event across the border.

“I was only seven years old when the incident happened and couldn’t understand it. But when I did understand it, I couldn’t read anything about it,” the 28-year-old said in Mandarin, referring to censorship on the subject. Click here to read more »


【明報專訊】我希望韓寒的書在香港大 賣,台灣讀者也許不需要,他們有足夠強健的民主制度,以及不曾斷裂的中國文化傳統為基建。但是香港讀者要閱讀韓寒,不僅是對一個長得好看的上海男孩的好 奇,而是從他這扇窗戶看過去,可以看見我們自己(中國人香港人)的處境。

閱讀韓寒,不能單看他的文章與為人,甚至要把他的讀者以至整個社會 情境也納進討論範圍,才能看見他的位置、影響而至時代的亮光。 Click here to read more »

China’s star blogger says women is his biggest problem

China’s most famous blogger Han Han, praised for his searing critiques of corrupt officialdom and social issues, conceded Thursday that his biggest problems may be in the romance department.

“I myself have lots of problems. Relationship problems, for example,” the 27-year-old told reporters at the Hong Kong Book Fair after he was asked to offer a critique of his private life. Click here to read more »


韓寒昨天亮相香港書 展,這是他首次在大陸以外地方舉行見面會。韓寒說,文化不該排他,o靚模都應該存在於書展,「我更會去買一本看看」。

能容納800人的會展中心演講廳,昨天擠進 1000人,傳媒擺起大陣仗,韓寒魅力可見一斑。(

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China’s most popular blogger admits to restraint



China’s most popular blogger, Han Han, famous for poking fun at prominent figures and officials, on Thursday hinted even he has had to bite his tongue in a tightly controlled media landscape.

The 27-year-old school dropout and champion rally driver was named by TIME magazine this year as one of the world’s 100 most influential people, putting him in the same league as US President Barack Obama and pop star Lady Gaga.

With his charming good looks and characteristic literary wit, the celebrity rebel’s blog has registered more than 300 million hits, making him the most popular blogger in China — and possibly the world. Click here to read more »

Han Han: China’s rebel blogger

(CNN) — Han Han is China’s rebel writer who has become the unofficial voice for his generation.

Video: CNN

CNN Han Han

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