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Kevin Rudd’s daughter Jessica is set for CLEO

The Daily Telegraph

CLEO magazine’s new editor Sharri Markson has revealed one of the weapons in her arsenal aimed at reviving the reputation of a beleaguered title that once inspired a generation of young feminists.


Markson has signed Jessica Rudd as a columnist, a move that yesterday confounded many in the nation’s media capital of Sydney.


Jessica is the daughter of ex-PM Kevin Rudd and while most have written off Rudd’s prime ministerial ambitions once and for all, it would seem Markson, a former political writer, is having an each-way beton K-Rudd.

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Jessica Rudd celebrates feminism today

Vogue Australia


Jessica Rudd celebrates all that pioneering feminists did for her but wishes they understood her generation better.


Recently I crossed paths with a fellow feminist. Both thinking, literature-loving Australian women, we were bound to hit it off, I thought, the only cleft between us a generation or two.


We met for coffee – mine with milk, hers with cigarettes – and exchanged the usual pleasantries. By the second coffee, however, civilised natter had become a polite fight. It took me by surprise. Don’t get me wrong; I thrive on a good argument, but it became clear that we weren’t debating an idea or a concept, that this was a clash between two types of women: hers and mine.

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Lunch with … Jessica Rudd

The Age

Shane Green


Jessica Rudd recalls the day her father was knifed as prime minister as if turning the pages of one of her novels. Which, of course, she is.


Predictions in politics are notoriously fraught but in Jessica Rudd’s case, scarily prescient. In her first book, Campaign Ruby, written months before her father was deposed, she tells of an incumbent prime minister overthrown by his female deputy.

On June 23 last year, Jessica Rudd was in Canberra for a photo shoot when she received a stunning call from her mother, Therese: there was something happening and she should get to Parliament House. The next few surreal hours culminated in her sitting outside her father’s office, where he was meeting Julia Gillard.

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