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The Story of my Book: Jessica Rudd on Campaign Ruby

by Jessica Rudd


Ex-campaign worker and lawyer Jessica Rudd tells the story of her book Campaign Ruby.


Ruby Stanhope is the first imaginary friend I’ve had since preschool and by far the most real. I knew her well before I knew I wanted to write Campaign Ruby.


She came to life in March last year and has been there ever since. Ruby is present for me in voice and spirit—almost the perfect best friend, but without the hugs.

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Jessica Rudd on Life Matters with Richard Aedy

Life is full of funny coincidences, but sometimes when real events imitate art it can be a very spooky experience.

Jessica Rudd is the daughter of Kevin Rudd, who was recently deposed as prime minister by Julia Gillard.

About a year ago Jessica started writing a book based on what happens when a fictional male prime minister is similarly unseated, in this case by his female treasurer.

Through the excitement of publishing her first book, Jessica has also had to deal with the hurt and disappointment her Dad and her wider family has suffered.

Campaign Ruby

The Sydney Morning Herald

Emma Young


Rudd is not a name associated with chick lit. Political ascendancy followed by an unfair shake of the sauce bottle is brought to mind, but high heels, the sisterhood and romantic mishaps aren’t. One Rudd family member is seeking to diversify the family name.


Jessica Rudd, daughter of the former prime minister Kevin Rudd, has done what many ex-lawyers (and lawyers) threaten to do. She has written a novel. The 26-year-old was encouraged, she says, by her “mum’s loving nagging”.

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