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Mo Yan wins Manhae Prize

By Kwon Mee-yoo

Anuradha Koirala, 62, the founder and executive director of Maiti Nepal, won the 15th Manhae Prize Thursday.

Manhae Foundation, an organization commemorating poet Han Yong-un, also known as Reverend Manhae, hosts the annual Manhae Prize to honor people who promote peace across the globe. A Korean poet under Japanese colonial rule, Han is most famous for his work “Love’s Silence” and his patriotic activities. Click here to read more »

用歡樂寫文革 莫言:小說應超越政治



「好的小說,應該超越政治!」莫言一九八○年代開始閱讀台灣文學作品,他表示,朱西甯、司馬中原等人的作品中有大量關於大陸生活的描寫,他讀來倍感「親切」。同樣出身軍旅的莫言,自謙是這些軍中作家「寫作的後繼者」。 Click here to read more »





他以曾擔任鄉村醫生的姑姑為原型,描寫她如何從一個矢志拯救嬰兒的婦科醫師,卻在國家實行計畫生育後,成了執行國家意志、抓人使他人流產的血腥劊子手。 Click here to read more »


本报讯(记者朱和风 通讯员罗 琦)昨日上午,《人民文学》长篇小说双年奖在宁波慈溪颁发。著名作家刘震云、莫言、阿来、苏童、严歌苓分别凭借他们在2008-2009两年内发表和出版的长篇力作《一句顶一万句》、《蛙》、《格萨尔王》、《河岸》和《小姨多鹤》获此殊荣。



Lunch with China’s Mo Yan

By Simon Elegant

Mo Yan ought to be in his element. The 55-year-old Chinese writer (Mo Yan is a pen name, Guan Moye his real one) is in his hometown of Gaomi, Shandong province, a place he has described as the wellspring of his creativity. It’s also the location of most of his vivid, at times brilliant, novels. Local Communist Party officials are honoring the town’s famous son with a lavish lunch, but as the dishes are served — three kinds of fish, oysters, sea cucumber — the author looks increasingly surprised. “I had no idea that Gaomi had a restaurant of such high quality,” he finally blurts, to the amusement of his hosts. Click here to read more »

Mo Yan spawns fresh controversy

By Shelley W. Chan (China Daily)

Emerging in the mid 1980s as a young experimentalist, Mo Yan is one of the greatest Chinese-language writers today.

While many writers have given up or switched to other professions, Mo continues to surprise and delight readers and critics alike with a new masterpiece every few years.

His 11th novel, Frog (蛙), published in Shanghai last month, is another tour de force, three years after the publication of Life and Death Are Wearing Me Out. Click here to read more »