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严歌苓否认版权千万起步 称当电视剧编剧还是新兵



    《娘要嫁人》正在东方卫视热播,戏中上世纪70年代的寡妇爱情引起了观众的质疑。昨天,编剧严歌苓在上海接受本报专访,谈起这部戏的台前幕后和她的金牌编剧生涯。她说,主演蒋雯丽不是她选的,但对其表演很满意。对于争议,曾遭遇家庭不幸的她称想要子女尊重父母的感情。对于她作品的众多女主角,她也很好奇:她们演我的戏都大放光彩。至于和张艺谋等大牌导演合作,自谦不自信的严歌苓却有几条规矩:只写一稿、不给大纲、不跟剧组,钱还不能少。撰文:本报记者 曾俊 Click here to read more »

How does North Korea make its money?


By Susannah Cullinane


(CNN) — There’s a reason that the historical nickname of the “Hermit Kingdom” for the old unified Korea is now applied to the closed North Korea – officially known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).

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North Korea’s peasant army gets ready to farm, not wage war

The Daily Guardian


SEOUL – As a North Korean army signaler near the tense sea border with the South, Lee So-yeon was given live ammunition and a steel helmet during a 1993 crisis, but soon found herself back doing what she and her comrades did most – farming.

It’s a vital service in a country where millions cannot find enough to eat. Click here to read more »

‘A heartbreaking tale of love, brutality, companionship, bravery and sacrifice’ – The Flowers of War by Geling Yan

Flowers of War cover

December 1937, Nanking, China. Advancing Japanese forces have routed the Chinese army. Those who are able bodied have fled in disarray. Women and children, the old injured and infirm are left to the mercy of a marauding Japanese army. Anarchy rules and every man and woman is left to fend for themselves. Click here to read more »

Sarah Groves: wife of accused killer swears he is innocent

The Telegraph

By Dean Nelson, Srinagar, Bruno Waterfield and Bonny Kramer in Rotterdam


The wife of the Dutchman suspected of stabbing a British fitness instructor to death in Kashmir has described how he was paranoid and “on the run” in India.


Richard De Wit, 43, was arrested after fleeing the scene of a brutal attack on Sarah Groves, who was stabbed 45 times in a houseboat on Srinagar’s Dal lake. Click here to read more »



深圳商报记者 董芳芳

Mom is getting married

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