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The Independent, Yan Geling

Geling Yan is an award-winning author and screenwriter in her Chinese homeland, with several of her works being adapted for the screen. In this novel, she explores a period of Chinese/Japanese history which is little-known in the West; the fate of the Japanese who had been encouraged to colonise Manchuria prior to the Second World War.

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Business of beauty, Portugal politics, Men and appearance, Geling Yan

Business of beauty, Portugal politics, Men and appearance, Geling Yan

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Daily Mail, Yan Geling

Forty-year-old Sam Tahar has ‘rid himself of his past like a murderer dissolving his victim’s corpse in an acid bath’. There’s plenty of similarly high-impact writing in this full-throttle French bestseller – and it’s true the ruthlessly ambitious Sam’s transformation has been pretty thoroughgoing.

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A Perfect Crime by A Yi, Wall Street Journal

Before turning his hand to writing, A Yi spent five years on a provincial Chinese police force. If Mr. A’s tightly crafted novella “A Perfect Crime” is anything to go by, those years were well spent.
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A Perfect Crime by A Yi Publishers Weekly

When I first encountered A Yi at a local literary festival many years ago, he was presented to me as a writer of criminal novels. The polite but shy A Yi looked furtively at the people around him as if they were from another species.


Duncan Jepson, Trust Reuters Foundation

The Umbrella Revolution showed Asia how small the region has become. Within seconds of the first tear gas canister hitting the road, images circulated the planet, media support flooded in from the four corners of the planet and requests for local supplies were answered as fast as local transport could get people there.

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