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头一天晚上,我们刚睡下,就听见外面“砰”的一声巨响,好像炮声,或者一个巨人站在我们窗前放了个屁。我们吓傻了,入住的浪漫感觉立刻消失了。那时候,798没有咖啡馆,还有工人食堂,食堂花色的水磨石地面,半截绿的墙面都体现出这个地方是50年代的建筑,而食堂的价钱──小炒3.6元,还可以要半份──都充分体现了当年社会主义的优越性。2003年,iLook杂志社搬到798的时候,我们编辑部在社会主义的惠泽下,正经吃出几个胖子来。 Click here to read more »

Han Han, le blogueur chinois populaire et ambigu

Laura Fort

Maniant l’art de la subversion et du cynisme avec brio et jouant avec la censure, le blogueur chinois Han Han a rassemblé dans un livre 73 billets parus sur son site entre 2006 et 2011. Ils abordent des thèmes qui touchent au quotidien des Chinois : les médias, le cinéma, les relations amoureuses ou les interventions policières.

Avec environ un million de lecteurs par jour, c’est le blog le plus lu au monde. Et son auteur, Han Han, en a fait un nouveau livre paru fin septembre, Blogs de Chine (Editions Bleu de Chine Gallimard). Cet effronté blogueur chinois, par ailleurs pilote de course émérite, y compile ses meilleurs billets postés entre 2006 et 2011, dont les thèmes abordés sont régulièrement passés au coupe-coupe de la censure.

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每次出行,我们都要买一堆的参考旅行书,按图索骥,寻找这个城市里最有特点的餐厅、咖啡馆、书店、画廊,所以旅行书对我们来说尤其的重要,它浓缩的是一个城市的历史和文化。恰巧,洲际酒店找到我们,希望做一系列城市的City Guide,整个编辑部几乎倾巢出动,开始了我们与洲际酒店合作的旅行书。 Click here to read more »

Tibetans Cry Out for Haven From China in Dozens of Self-Immolations

The Daily Beast

By Paul Mooney

Since 2009 more than 50 people—two more just this week—have set themselves on fire to protest Beijing’s harsh rule. Can the world stop more?

The two teenage Tibetans, a monk and a layperson, walked past the eastern gate of the Kirti monastery on Aug. 27, their bodies engulfed in flames as they toppled to the ground. Chinese security forces raced over with fire extinguishers. They carried them to a nearby hospital, where they are believed to have died soon after. Click here to read more »

La vraie Chine nouvelle

Mensuel n°523

par Aliocha Wald Lasowski

La Vraie Click here to read more »

Chinese Government Institutionalizes People Against Their Will: Chinese Human-Rights Defenders

The Daily Beast

By Paul Mooney


Every year, thousands of healthy Chinese are forcibly locked up and ‘treated’ in mental institutions, according to a new report by the Chinese Human Rights Defenders.


Prominent human-rights lawyer Jin Guanghong was walking down a street in Beijing one day in April 2011 when he was grabbed by several unidentified men, who threw a black hood over his head and stuffed him into the back of a car. The men, believed to be national security officers, later placed him in a psychiatric hospital where doctors tied him up, force-fed him medicine and gave him unknown injections, all against his will. When he was released about 10 days later, he had no idea about what exactly had happened to him during the frightening ordeal.

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