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The internet’s cyber radicals: heroes of the web changing the world

A generation of political activists have been transformed by new tools developed on the internet. Here, a leading net commentator profiles seven young radicals from around the world

Han Han a professional rally driver, bestselling author, singer, creator of a literary magazine and China’s most popular blogger. Photograph: Ym Yik/epa/Corbis

The 28-year-old Chinese professional rally driver, bestselling author, singer, creator of a literary magazine and China’s most popular blogger – indeed, possibly the most popular blogger in the world. Click here to read more »

Jessica Rudd talks with Steve Austin about Campaign Ruby on ABC Capricornia

用歡樂寫文革 莫言:小說應超越政治



「好的小說,應該超越政治!」莫言一九八○年代開始閱讀台灣文學作品,他表示,朱西甯、司馬中原等人的作品中有大量關於大陸生活的描寫,他讀來倍感「親切」。同樣出身軍旅的莫言,自謙是這些軍中作家「寫作的後繼者」。 Click here to read more »





他以曾擔任鄉村醫生的姑姑為原型,描寫她如何從一個矢志拯救嬰兒的婦科醫師,卻在國家實行計畫生育後,成了執行國家意志、抓人使他人流產的血腥劊子手。 Click here to read more »

The Story of my Book: Jessica Rudd on Campaign Ruby

by Jessica Rudd


Ex-campaign worker and lawyer Jessica Rudd tells the story of her book Campaign Ruby.


Ruby Stanhope is the first imaginary friend I’ve had since preschool and by far the most real. I knew her well before I knew I wanted to write Campaign Ruby.


She came to life in March last year and has been there ever since. Ruby is present for me in voice and spirit—almost the perfect best friend, but without the hugs.

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Writer walks tightrope of the censors in magazine


Priscilla Jiao

Han Han looked for a publisher for his new magazine for a long time. He said he was trying to put out a product that was censored as little as possible, and he needed a publisher who shared that view.

One publisher said no to a cover of a gun-toting nude man with his private parts covered by a logo of the magazine, placed as such to pass censors.

In a speech he gave at Xiamen University, he said the publisher had told him: ‘Now you’ve covered up the midriff. That’s a deliberate pun on ‘Party Central Committee’.’ Both are dangzhongyang in pinyin. Click here to read more »