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Peony Authors appearing at the Hong Kong Literary Festival and Singapore Writers Festival, kicking off this weekend!

Hong Kong Literary Festival

Chan Koonchung



Singapore Writers Festival

Jang Jin Sung, Shirley Lee, Duncan Jepson and Su Tong

Jin Jang-sung

Jang Jin-sung

Shirley Lee

Shirley Lee

Duncan Jepson

Duncan Jepson

Su Tong

Su Tong




新春伊始长篇小说创作初显丰年气象 今年文坛“长”势惊人

才一开春,今年的长篇小说创作已初显丰年气象。一批搁笔数年之久的文坛名家带着最新力作重新回到公众视野。这批“老”作家创作力的爆发和创作风格的变化呈现出文学的成熟之美,成为令文坛注目的“老来青”现象。 Click here to read more »




对于那个时候的读书,苏童加了一个限定词:没有功利性的读书,“就是漫无目的地读小说,最好是长篇的。” Click here to read more »


China Youth Post



记者 邱晨辉 Click here to read more »



Gong Li



Su Tong: Interview “I am first and foremost a novelist”

The Man Booker International Prize Interview

MBI: This is the first time you’ve been nominated for the Man Booker International Prize although you have won a long list of literary awards. How important are literary prizes to you and are you pleased to see your body of work praised by the Man Booker judges?

ST: I’m very happy to have been nominated for the Man Booker International Prize. The winners and nominees of this prize in the past have all been extremely talented writers, so I feel very proud to be included on this list. Not to be modest, I never thought that I would be nominated by the judges, because I thought all the English version of my work rested in dusty shelves in bookstores and libraries. Although literary prizes aren’t the only way to evaluate a writer’s worth, it represents the welcomed clapping sound from the industry. I don’t think that the actual prize is very important, but I have to admit, I like to hear the clapping sounds. Click here to read more »