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SILF 2010: Su Tong on childhood, Chinese writers, and a developing China

Su Tong SILT


Su Tong speaking at the 2010 Shanghai International Literary Festival, March 13. Click here to read more »

蘇童周三講 « 河岸 »

HK Economic Journal

HK Economic Journal


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Boat to Redemption reviewed by Justin Hill

Boat to redemption Cover


The Boat to Redemption, By Su Tong trans Howard Goldblatt

Su Tong has the dubious honour of being best known not for his own work but for the film Raise the Red Lantern, adapted from one of his novellas. In fact, he used to joke that he was famous for not winning prizes, but at 46, one of China’s more established writers has scooped the world’s youngest major prize, The Man Asian Literary Award, with this, his seventh novel. Click here to read more »

Boat to Redemption review



Fear hovers in China

Jonathan Mirsky

Boat to redemption Cover


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Boat to Redemption reviewed by Yiyun Li

The Boat to Redemption by Su Tong

Yiyun Li on a political fable that works better in English than in the original Chinese

Su Tong, who won last year’s Man Asia literary prize with this novel, was a major voice in the avant garde that dominated the literary scene in China between the mid-1980s and the 1990s. Unlike the previous generation of socialist realists, who had been active participants in political propaganda, and the writers of trauma literature and root-seeking literature, whose work remained in the realm of realism (both schools appeared shortly after the end of the cultural revolution), the writers of the avant garde seemed anxious to ignore literary traditions and values; creating new, provocative styles and experimenting with language were more important to them than the contents of their fiction.Boat to redemption Cover Click here to read more »

Road to redemption: Su Tong’s literary smash

A look at the the provocative Chinese writer’s Man Asian Prize winner

By Tiffany Lam

Darkly humorous, sharply controversial Chinese novelist Su Tong sealed his reputation as one of the finest wordsmiths on the mainland with a Man Asian Literary prize win for “The Boat of Redemption.”

Raise the Red Lantern


“Raise the Red Lantern,” adapted from Su’s novel “Wives and Concubines,” starred Gong Li Click here to read more »