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  At the opening of Chinese-American author Geling Yan’s best-selling novel “Little Aunt Crane,” a 16-year-old girl by the name of Tatsuru, or “Crane,” escapes a mass suicide that Japanese elders in a Manchurian village order to preserve their honor. The young girl’s problems, however, have only just begun.

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Los Angeles Review of Books, Yan Geling

Yan Geling is a Chinese novelist, born in Shanghai, who lives in Berlin and travels frequently to China. Her novel The Flowers of War was made into a film starring Christian Bale, and she has won wide acclaim both inside and outside of China. Her new novel in English, Little Aunt Crane(translated by Esther Tyldesley) is a wonderfully empathic story of a young Japanese girl, Tatsuru, who stays behind in China after the end of World War Two. 

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Paper Republic, Yan Geling

Yan Geling has been publishing novels, short stories, novellas, essays and scripts since 1986. Her novel 金陵十三钗 (translated into English by Nicky Harman as The Flowers of War) was made into a movie starring Christian Bale, while 张艺谋 Zhang Yimou’s critically-acclaimed film Coming Home (归来) was adapted from her novel 陆犯焉识.

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The Independent, Yan Geling

Geling Yan is an award-winning author and screenwriter in her Chinese homeland, with several of her works being adapted for the screen. In this novel, she explores a period of Chinese/Japanese history which is little-known in the West; the fate of the Japanese who had been encouraged to colonise Manchuria prior to the Second World War.

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Business of beauty, Portugal politics, Men and appearance, Geling Yan

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Daily Mail, Yan Geling

Forty-year-old Sam Tahar has ‘rid himself of his past like a murderer dissolving his victim’s corpse in an acid bath’. There’s plenty of similarly high-impact writing in this full-throttle French bestseller – and it’s true the ruthlessly ambitious Sam’s transformation has been pretty thoroughgoing.

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