China’s most famous blogger Han Han, praised for his searing critiques of corrupt officialdom and social issues, conceded Thursday that his biggest problems may be in the romance department.

“I myself have lots of problems. Relationship problems, for example,” the 27-year-old told reporters at the Hong Kong Book Fair after he was asked to offer a critique of his private life.

“I may have a very nice girlfriend, but I will fall in love with another girl at the same time. I may want to marry this girl, but I may also want to marry another girl.”

“It’s like my fate is in the hands of women.”

Asked to comment about the generation born after 1990, Han, who is based in China, said: “I don’t know much about the Post 90s, except the girls (in that generation).”

The high-school dropout and amateur champion race-car driver parachuted to fame after his blog registered more than 300 million hits, turning it into the most popular blog in China – and possibly the world.

His charming looks and literary fame have earned him a huge following, with female fans leaving affectionate messages on his blog and swarming the Hong Kong Book Fair, in the hope of seeing the star author in person.

Han was nominated by TIME magazine as among the world’s 100 most influential people this year, putting him in the same league as US President Barack Obama and pop star Lady Gaga.