L’Uomo Vogue, February 2013 (n. 438)

Han Han L'uomo

He’s the fastes when it comes to communication and that’s probably what has made him a true celebrity, not only in China.


“I’ve become a brand, I admit it”, he has no fear of facing the reasons of ┬áhis success but he likes to remind to all of his fans that he is like everyone else: ” I don’t represent anyone. I am Han Han and I represent myself”.Today Han Han, 30-years old, is a passionate race car driver and a testimonial for an endless list of brands. Anyway, the thread of his career is his need for freedom, the mission of all of his projects is to shake young people’s mind.


No fear also whet it comest to the Chinese authorities and the rules about what can or cannot be written in his country: “It is dangerous but worthy. We need to keep up trying, no matter what, because, if no one does that, the things are never going to change“.

Photo by Leslie Hsu

Fashion Editor Tang Shuang