Pegasus Publishing has purchased the Turkish-language rights to Su Tong’s Boat to Redemption (河岸), the winner of the 2009 Man Asian Literary Prize.

This will be his first major work to be rendered in Turkish, according to Marysia Juszczakiewicz in Hong Kong, founder of Peony Literary Agency that made the sale. The agency also represents works by best-selling Chinese authors Yan Geling, Han Han and Annie Baobei.

Set during the Cultural Revolution (1966-76), it recounts a story of two different kinds of people, “exiles” forced to live on boats because of their politically questionable identities, and those living on shore who look down on their water-bound counterparts.

Several book reviews are online, including one published in The Independent and a somewhat critical review by Yiyun Li, a Chinese writer who has emigrated to the US.