“Truth is the strongest weapon,” says N. Korean poet Jang Jin Sung

Standford University, The Book Haven


One of the more haunting moments in author Adam Johnson‘s interview with Charlie Rose is when he describes the impossibility of the plight of North Koreans – these are “people who have never seen a stop light before; they don’t know how many works,” says the author of the acclaimed Orphan Master’s Son.  As he has pointed out elsewhere, most of the stories we have are from the areas outside the capital. The citizens of Pyongyang have already “made it.”  So what is life like among North Korea’s upper classes?

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Når censur stryger i folks hukommelse

CKC Politiken

Chan Koonchung: «Quizá China no esté alejada del fascismo»

«Los jóvenes ignoran sucesos como el de Tiananmen. La Historia oficial ha sufrido distorsiones.» Habla el autor de «Años de prosperidad», novela prohibida en China

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ChinaFile: Two Sides of China



Last week, the highlight of high society in Beijing was the awarding of the Pritzker Prize. The event took place in the Great Hall of the People, the seat of the Chinese Congress. Out of national pride, the site has never been loaned to a non-Chinese event. And it just happened that the Pritzker went to a Chinese architect, Wang Shu, this year. Click here to read more »

Chen’s Brother Likely Returned to Village, Despite Retaliation Danger

The Daily Beast

By Paul Mooney


Blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng’s brother fled his village in a daring escape similar to his brother’s—except Chen Guangfu is now believed to have returned home one day after reaching Beijing. Paul Mooney on the fear of retaliation that has the whole Chen family worried.

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