The Other Chens

Foreign Policy



There are other brave prisoners of conscience besides Chen Guangcheng worth fighting for and protecting in China.

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All the Flowers in Shanghai : A Novel



洪晃(Hung Huang)

作者:Divia Harilela/Jillian Liu(译)/Eddie


日前知名的时尚新闻网站“The Business of Fashion”就选出了20位中国时尚产业的推动者、影响者,以及决策者。他们分别是企业家,奢侈品高管,PR内行,销售专家,编辑,媒体大亨,模特,博主以及其他在所处领域作出杰出贡献的人。

人们有时会称她为中国的Oprah,媒体红人洪晃有着很多的名号,从电视节目主持人到博主,从出版人到零售商。虽然少年时光在纽约度过,1998年她回到了北京并创办了《iLook》杂志,同时她在《WWD》上有着自己的专栏,叫做“China File”,专栏平均每周更新一次,内容涉及到了中国时尚产业内的种种。但是最重要的是,她是将中国时尚原创力量推向世界的最大功臣之一,很多设计师都通过她的品牌代理店BNC,使得自己的作品为人们所熟知。同时她与Esmod Beijing联手为年轻的中国设计师提供奖学金。可以这么理解,如果你是一位在中国发展的年轻设计师,洪晃能够祝你一臂之力。

The Dreamer : Lawyer, Author, Filmmaker, Philantropist – Duncan Jepson

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Can short fiction take us to China?

As literary London turns east, we bring together short stories from some of the most exciting writers working in China today

It all started with a question from the translator Nicky Harman: “What are you going to do about the market focus on China at the London Book Fair?” Well, I don’t know, I just stared at my cup – we were in the Guardian canteen, of course. In my defence, I’d like to point out that this was months ago, way before Christmas, and by the time I’d finished my coffee we’d cooked up a plan to publish some of the most exciting new short fiction from China.

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Rush for blogger’s magazine a cry for freedom


Sophie Yu

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