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Marysia Juszczakiewicz

With a degree in Chinese, Marysia Juszczakiewicz set up one of the first author representation agencies in Asia called Creative Work Limited. In 2010 she founded her own agency, Peony Literary Agency. She is one of few agents in the Asian field specializing in sales of copyright both in and out of Asia with a business specializing in author representation and subagenting.

Marysia has extensive experience of publishing and agenting in both the UK and Asia. She has successfully sold international rights for Peony clients. She was the first agent to represent the recent Nobel Prize winner Mo Yan and sold English language rights for his novel Sandalwood Death. Other successes include sales to the UK and US in a fiercely contested auction on Jang Jin Sung's memoir -poet laureate to Kim Jong Il, The Fat Years (Random House) by Chan Koonchung which has sold into nearly 20 languages, The Flowers of War (Random House) by Yan Geling which was adapted into a film starring Christian Bale and directed by Zhang Yimou, and sold into over 15 languages.
Marysia also represents the biggest blogger in China today, Han Han. She sold Han Han's recent series of controversial blogs and essays entitled, This Generation, to Simon & Schuster as well as Su Tong's novel, Boat to Redemption which won the 2009 Man Asian Prize.




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