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Jennifer Zhu
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Born in Ya’an, a small town in Sichuan, China in the mid 70’s, Jennifer is a direct descendent of Li Tingjun, one of the leaders of the 1911 Xinhai Revolution. This legacy conveyed the family both pride and tragedy. Having been brought up in a humble setting, Jenifer became a daring entrepreneur, and journeyed to the outside world in her mid 20’s.

Jennifer studied Applied Mathematics for Economics in Sichuan University, and holds an MBA in Finance with Manchester Business School. She was a regular contributor to various publications in China in the late 1990’s. Currently living in Hong Kong with her husband and two young daughters, she runs her venture capital business while devoting her spare time to bring El Sistema to Hong Kong, through Music for the Growing Mind, a charity that provides classical music education to underprivileged children. In 2013, World Economic Forum honored her as one of their 199 Young Global Leaders. Jennifer is a compulsive reader, a keen debater on politics, an addicted skier, and a passionate cook, who is currently authoring her first book using the tales of her love affair with Sichuanese food and cooking as ingredients to recount the dramatic and complex social and economic transformation of her country she witnessed in recent decades.







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