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Kim Lee


In August 2010, after suffering another brutal beating from her abusive husband, Li Yang founder of Crazy English Kim Lee snatched up screaming two year-old, a fistful of cash, and fled their Beijing home. After finally gathering the courage to push through the door of her local police station, it took even more pushing to convince the indifferent officers to write an admission slip to a nearby hospital. Upon returning to the police station with medical records documenting her injuries, no offer was made to file an official police report, instead, Kim was advised to “Just go home and calm down. After all, your husband is a good guy.” At home alone, feeling hopeless, with serious injuries and 3 young daughters to care for, she still couldn’t bear to discuss what had happened to her with anyone. Instead, she chose to reach out to her small circle of friends by  hitting “send” on a Weibo post showing her battered forehead. She also hoped that her post might catch the attention of her husband, alerting him to how serious his violence had been. Within hours, her anonymous cry for help had not only been heard, but seen, forwarded and commented on by more than 20,000 people. Shocked and moved by the outpouring of emotion and support, Kim made up her mind to return to the police station the next day to insist on making an official police report. This marked the beginning of an arduous two and a half year journey through China’s legal system and rapidly changing social mores. Her high profile divorce case drew intense domestic and international media coverage, amassed more than 10 million comments on Weibo, and culminated in a landmark ruling which awarded her  Beijing’s first civil protection order. 
Kim and her 3 daughters continue to live in Beijing, where she works closely with several Chinese organization such as All China Women's Federation and International Organizations including UNations Women to combat violence against women and is writing a detailed account of her experiences.







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