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Mike Forsythe


Mike is a New York Times reporter based in Hong Kong and focusing on China. In mid-November 2013 he left Bloomberg News after more than 13 years. Most recently at Bloomberg he focused on documenting the nexus between wealth and politics in China. Michael moved to Hong Kong from Beijing in Aug. 2013 after four years there as a senior reporter on the government team. While there, Bloomberg won the Polk Award for documenting the wealth of relatiives of Xi Jinping. He was the lead writer for that story.

Ben Richardson


Ben is an award-winning editor with two decades of experience in Asia, covering politics and corruption, security, food, inequality, the environment and health, as well as a broad range of finance and industry stories -- banking & corporate finance, commodities, markets, companies. Editor at Large at Bloomberg, for Asia company news. Editing high-profile enterprise stories and columns from across the region.

Mike and Ben are writing a book on the ever increasing compromises that the West make when dealing with China in all spheres of life from media to education to politics.






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