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Born in 1963 in Suzhou and now living in Nanjing with his family, Su Tong is one of China's most iconic bestselling authors, shooting to international fame in 1993 when Zhang Yimou's film of his novella collection, Raise the Red Lantern was nominated for an Oscar. His first short story collection, Madwoman on the Bridge, was published by Black Swan in 2008. Boat to Redemption, translated by Howard Goldblatt, is his most recent novel and won the Man Asian Literary Prize in 2009.

Peony represent Su Tong's new novel, Yellow Sparrow and his complete backlist


Peony Sales of Rights for Su Tong

Boat to Redemption by Su Tong
Transworld (UK and Commonwealth)
Overlook Press (US)
Gallimard (French)
Pegagsus (Turkish)

Mad Woman on the Bridge
Transworld (UK and Commonwealth)

Wives and Concubines, Blush and The Opium Family
Wives and Concubines, Blush and The Opium Family, Verzone (Czech)
Wives and Concubines, Humanitas (Romanian)

My Life as Emperor
Munhakdogne (Korean)

Humanitas (Romanian)
Seuil (French)

Yellow Sparrow
Seuil (French)






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