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Zhang Ming


Born in 1957 in Shangyu City, Zhejiang Province, Professor Zhang Ming grew up in Beidahuang area. He was once a peasant worker and a veterinarian. In 1994, he joined Chinese Renmin University’s History Department, and later on became head of the Political Studies Department. He now has a doctorate in law and is a doctorate mentor. His works include the historical studies titles A Brave Man’s Dreams, 80 years on the Dirt Road, Xinhai: A Shaky China, as well as historical essays such as Straightforward Monologues, The Story of the Two-Legged Lamb, The Bad Temper of History, Papers on History and more. In 2012, he published A History of Contemporary China, which is based on Professor Zhang’s popular class at Renmin University “Open Class on Political History”. The class was a hugely successful purely based on word-of-mouth, eventually becoming one of the most popular, hardest class to get into. The class also helped people see in a new light what has always been misunderstood as a dry and boring part of history. After it was published, it became a long-running top ten bestseller book on the Kindle charts.

Peony represent Professor Zhang for A History of Contemporary China.

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