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We offer the following services:  

  • Author, illustrator and photographer representation

    Our clients write about the history of their continent, ancient and recent, and of their own personal experience of its emergence as an industrial and economic-power house.

    We represent works of fiction and non fiction, graphic novels and photography books at all stages of their creative work, please listen to our authors Duncan Jepson and Chan Koonchung talk about how they work with a literary agent

    We represent our clients in all aspects of their creative work:
    * at all stages of the publishing process from editing to sourcing a publishing contract
    * sourcing and negotiation of columns and journalistic pieces
    * negotiation of speaker fees
    * advice and help with on-line presence including social networks, author blogs and websites.


  • Rights representation of publishers and agents in Asia with focus on sales of rights in China and Taiwan

    For information on recent sales please visit our Peony Rights Site


  • Book publishing consultancy work

    Examples of recent work done to date include:
    * Negotiation of publishing contracts and book publishing advice for individuals
    * Reading and assessment for the Korean Literature Institute
    * Organisation of publishing workshops for the National Arts Council, Singapore



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